Welcome my Luckless Child to Neverday!

You are the first to be born in Neverday, in countless generations. Your world will be that of felons and primal violence, where every minute will be scrounged from the wild beasts, violent flora, gangs, and ghasts of the The Grim Tide. There is no escape, no walls, no guards, no restraints, just 17719 hectares of the most violent and deadly jungle terrain, surrounded by The Grim Tide, realm of insatiable spirits whose only goal is to claw their way out of their hellish afterlife, by consuming the living spirits of every animal, plant, rock and river they can get their ethereal hands on. Though overwhelming odds are in front of you and we will not likely survive to see you grown up, know these three things, you will survive, we will always be there for you and there is a way to escape, all you have to do is…

Join the campaign and find out if you have what it takes to be a survivor.


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